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4/144 kazoos caawsnol'sgua Sheet Cake Orde Form. Decorated and Filled Half Sheet Cakes Serves 48. White Cake Chocolate Cake: Filled with 2 lbs.
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Who issues a Costco Sheet Cake Order Form?

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American membership-based warehouse chain offering a wide range of merchandise in many countries besides the USA. “Membership-based” means that to be able to buy goods from Costco, a person has to be the chain’s member, therefore, the warehouse supermarkets service only Costco cardholders and their guests, the guests though cannot make payments. The members are required to pay for their membership card one year in advance.  

What is Costco Sheet Cake Order Form for?

Besides of the all the benefits Costco membership provides, the cardholders can also order cakes produced by Costco Bakery to their taste. To order a customized cake, a member can use cake constructor to choose all the ingredients and the cake should look like. To file an order, a person should submit a specially designed Costco Sheet Cake Order Form.

Is Costco Sheet Cake Order Form accompanied by other forms?

No, there is no need to accompany the completed Cake Order Form by any other attachments.

When is Costco Sheet Cake Order Form due?

For Costco Bakery to be able process the order and prepare the cake, they strongly request their members to submit orders in advance, at least in 48 hours. Some bakeries even ask the clients to leave their notices 72 hours before they need the order ready.

How do I fill out Costco Sheet Cake Order Form?

To make an order a member should indicate their name, card number, pick up time and date and actually what kind of cake they want as for:

  1. Sponge

  2. Sheet cake design

  3. Seasonal design

  4. Writing on the cake (as the clients can include a special message or inscription).

Where do I send Costco Sheet Cake Order Form?

The form should be directed to the email address of the Costco Bakery store where you would to pick the cake up.


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